East of Africa coffee roasters are passionate about bringing the highest quality, ethically sourced African coffee into your home.

We are committed to trading in coffee exclusively from Eastern Africa and directly and intentionally investing in African farmers, families and their communities.

The resilience a farmer must endure to produce specialty grade coffee in a sustainable manner is a story that we believe is worthy of being shared and invested in.

We belong to a global coffee community, and we believe in transparency, respect and justice in the trade route from crop to cup, and in ensuring your purchase directly invests in the African coffee industry.


We are Ben & Erica Keen.. We are committed to long-term sustainable investment through trade in East Africa, and we desire to showcase the incredible flavours and unique characteristics of each of the coffees from the region.

We are a boutique coffee roaster, based in Western Melbourne. We are connecting you to East Africa by supplying freshly roasted coffee beans, for you to appreciate at home.